10 mai 2007

Joe working hard in Tokyo; Bites into “King of Crab” for nourishment

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Joe working hard in Tokyo; Bites into “King of Crab” for nourishment

ISWAK held a fan meeting session in Tokyo (LiuBenMu) the day before yesterday. Ariel, Joe and Jiro were touched by the 700 fans who queued in the rain. After the session, Joe and company enjoyed a sumptuous king crab dinner, where even weight-conscious Ariel made an exception to have her fill.

ISWAK is going to be broadcast in Japan. During ISWAK meet-the-fan session, Joe and Ariel appeared in their bridegroom and bride attire akin to their appearances during ISWAK2 press conference in Taiwan. Jiro was disguised as the soundman “hidden” amid the fans. When Director Winnie started the wedding ceremony for Joe and Ariel, Jiro dashed out from the crowd shouting, “You are mine!” – which brought about a series of screams from the fans.

Jiro’s stuttering of Japanese (learnt in an intensive lesson) has an Osaka accent, making the fans feel at home/warmth. In private though, Jiro asked Joe what is an Osaka accent. Joe explained that the Osaka accent is like the native way of speech, and to put it bluntly, its equivalent to Taiwan’s national language, more old-fashioned.

The gathering had fans from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. The Japanese fans protested to Joe about the Taiwan media labeling them “ShuNü” (matured ladies), asking if it means “OBaSan” (old maid). Please address them as OL (office ladies) the next time.

Don’t call them “ShuNü” (matured ladies)! “YingHuaMei” (Sakura/Cherry Blossom Girls) remonstrated to Joe.

Everyone’s used to calling “drama-addicts” as “matured ladies or old teachers” but in this ISWAK promotion trip to Tokyo, this notion is entirely discarded. Two days ago, almost all who queued in the rain to participate in ISWAK meet-the-fan session were OL (office ladies). Joe said that the Japanese fans had raised their complaint to him before and hoped that everyone stopped addressing them as “ShuNü” (matured ladies).

The Japanese fans gathered info. on Taiwanese idols from the web and saw media reports addressing them as “ShuNü”. They felt that it was an eye-sore. Joe laughingly said that its becos’ they felt that “ShuNü” means “OBaSan” (old maid), which made them upset.

The comedy star routine in Japan is quite well received by ladies as personified by Jiro. In any formal press conference, the moment Jiro put in an appearance to joke/clown around, the fans will start screaming.

In ISWAK-Tokyo fans meeting held 2 days ago, Joe was dressed like a noble prince, while Jiro adopted a comedian style. Jiro deliberately followed the mob/gangsters, uttering Japanese with an Osaka accent, and disguised himself as a soundman to gate-crash and disrupt Joe and Ariel’s wedding ceremony. Jiro’s comedic appearance sent the female fans into hysterical fits of laughter.

During dinner, the TV station invited everyone to a feast of crab legs, beef, and like cuisine. Joe, Ariel and Winnie exclaimed, “Oishi!” (delicious!), an expression commonly heard/seen in Japanese cuisine shows.

Ariel, who normally does not take alcohol, was especially happy and made an exception to have a few cups of plum wine. Everyone was indulging themselves with fine food except Jiro who’s not absorbed in the wine/food. He joined a group of Japanese female staff in drinking games and sang 2 Japanese songs at everybody’s boisterous request. Winnie unable to withstand himself, shook his head and asked if Jiro is there to “network”.

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Source: http://asianfanatics.net/

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    Encore un peu!!!!^0^

    c'est bon!!encore un peu et on pourra voir la suite de iswak!!!!!!j'en peux plus dattendre et chaque news que je lis me rend encore plus impatiente!!!
    au fait ,tu as du voir les videos d'extraits de iswak2 ,"la scene dans lavion avec joe et lin yi chen ","la lune de miel à guam" c'est trop mignon et marrant surtout!!
    c'est la premiere que je tombe sur ton blog et je le trouve super!!moi aussi j'ai un blog consacré a lasie mais plus particulièrement sur la chine,taiwan et la corée du sud ,dramas,chanteurs,stars comme joe ariel,fei lun hai!!!
    ca serait cool que tu passes me voir !!
    voila je repasserai kisssou de serenity^___^annyeong!!!

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    oups j'ai oubliée ladresse!!

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