08 mai 2007

Slow filming, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng forced to do nothing

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Source : linichen.net

Slow filming, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng forced have nothing to do

Ariel Lin (left), Joe Cheng (right) have great chemistry working together. After filming at Taipei’s Mei Li Hua ferris wheel on the night at April 26, they were soon surrounded by fans asking for pictures and autographs.

Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng’s “It Started With a Kiss 1” took almost a year to finish filming, and now the same cast is back for “It Started With a Kiss 2” with a super slow pace. Supposedly, the preparations before each filming were not done well, so it has become a “film one day, rest one day” pattern, making Ariel and Joe feel restless, afraid that they won’t be able to do other projects in July/August and that the money will fly out the door.

Going with the flow of Chinese entertainment interest, “It Started With a Kiss 1” will be showing in Japan along with “Hana Kimi”. The lead actor and actress will be going to Japan on May 5 to advertise for 4 days. However, Ariel and Joe are worried because “It Started With a Kiss 2”’s filming is so slow. The director is very slow but detailed.

Joe is sitting by the ferris wheel, waiting for his turn to film. His expression is blank toward the filming progress.

While waiting for filming, Ariel browses around the ferris wheel with her assistant.

Source: http://asianfanatics.net/

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