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Cast of "It Started With A Kiss" in Tokyo for Iswak1 promo

heuuuuuuu trop long pour une traduction, si j'en ai le temps jtraduirais sauf si vous en avez pas besoin!!!!!

translations by Winks @ http://asianfanatics.net
Source : http://linichen.net/blog/blog/2

Joe was almost repatriated on arrival in Japan.


Idol stars, Joe, Ariel and Jiro went to Tokyo the day before yesterday to promote ISWAK. Joe was almost repatriated due to his expired work permit. Fortunately, the Japanese authorities issued a temporary pass and he was detained for more than an hour at the airport before passing through immigration.

When Joe was detained at the airport office due to his expired documents, Ariel, Jiro and the entire crew grew anxious, yet Joe remained calm, finding the situation interesting. He said that there were tourists from many other countries in the little office, and he later found out that there was another artiste who met with the same problem as him. And that is the current governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who visited Japan for a promotional activity when he was a Hollywood star.

ISWAK has been dramatized from the manga many years ago in Japan. However, as compared to the actors in the first edition, the Japanese media in attendance at the press conference revealed that Joe, Ariel and Jiro’s style/image in ISWAK were closer to that of the manga.

Having painstakingly studied the Japanese language for some time, Joe self-introduced himself in Japanese during the press conference and his pronunciation was accurate. Privately he help tutored Ariel and Jiro intensively but when Jiro went onstage, he self-introduced himself as Mr xxx (you don’t normally call yourself Mr when introducing yourself in Japanese). There was immediate laughter from the media audience but despite his mistake, the media commented that Jiro’s earnest facial expression was actually quite cute.

XiaoZhu (Show) and LinJunJie (JJ) appeared to be part of this trip to Japan as well. They bumped into each other in the airport waiting area (Taiwan). Show and JJ wished Joe, Ariel and Jiro, all the best for the promotional stint in Japan.

When they arrived in Japan, Joe wanted to eat Japanese noodles, Jiro wanted “XiePing” (not sure what it is, my guess is to shop?), and Ariel wanted to bath in the hot spring. All three have their own agenda but their schedule is fully booked. Besides the press conference, they have to attend an open studio recording on their first night, an immediate test of their popularity. There were many fans encircling the studio with some already there in the morning to queue. Joe, Ariel and Jiro were surprised at the no. of fans present and couldn’t believe that they are so popular in Japan.

Joe's trip to Japan; almost repatriated; work permit expired; detained for an hour

Joe, Ariel, Jiro and Director Winnie arrived in Tokyo the day before yesterday to promote ISWAK. The crew had a super-star reception at the airport. Only Joe was detained at customs for investigation. He was almost repatriated due to the invalidity of his work permit.

Second in history, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, to get "striked".

The Rose and ISWAK, both with Joe in the leading role, were broadcasted in Japan consecutively. Because of his immense popularity in Japan, Joe was frequently sent to Japan for secret training. However, he'd forgotten to submit the relevant documents during his last departure from Japan, resulting in the expiration of his work permit. On their arrival (in Japan) the day before yesterday, Joe watched everyone go thru' customs without hitch but when it came to his turn, he was taken to the customs office and detained for an hour. Joe does not see the seriousness of the situation, and could even lightheartedly say that there are many Blacks and Turks in the office. He said he couldn't understand what they were talking about, making him feel really bored while waiting.

With Joe isolated in the customs office, those outside were waiting most anxiously. After much effort, they finally got a temporary work permit for Joe through their diplomat/ambassador, resolving the threat of repatriation. Thereafter, Joe got to know that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a similar incident and he (Joe) was the second foreign artiste to have such special service/treatment in the history of Japan.

Enthusiastic welcome from fans; Jiro surprised.

ISWAK was the second Chinese idol drama, following Meteor Garden, to be broadcasted in Japan, and already has a loyal group of fans in Japan. Before exiting customs, Jiro was worried that he won't be recognized/well-known. Unexpectedly he received a fanatic welcome upon leaving the airport. He was pleasantly surprised when a good-looking Japanese young girl shouted, "DaDong, DaDong, I love you." Jiro then turned to his assistant and said,"if I'd known, I'll dress better/more handsomely."

Two nights ago, Joe, Ariel and Jiro went to SeGu Parco FM Open Studio for an interview. There was a long line of fans waiting outside with the queue extending past 3 crossroads outside NHK Transmission Centers. It was indeed prestigious. As there were too many people, the fans were admitted in batches. With the trio (Joe, Ariel & Jiro) "locked" in the Open Studio like an exhibit for their fans to watch, Joe joked that he felt like a bear cat in the zoo.

Receiving exaltation; like a favored/"petted" bear cat

The display of adoration from the Japanese fans is both bold and direct. To attract the attention of their idols, some said, "come to my home"; "give us a kiss, please", and some were waving the "carp" flag frantically to show support. The most unusual is a pair of "sisters"/girls who'd written dialogue signages in Chinese saying "help, we're suffering from Joe's disease" and "we want Dr. ZhiShu's medical examination", like script-lines from an A-film. Everyone burst out laughing when they saw the signs. The "sisters"/girls said that they only learn Chinese because they like Joe. Such "deep devotion" is indeed remarkable.

Husband of ISWAK author appeared in ISWAK promotion; praised ZhiShu and XiangQin; Ariel was moved

The author of the manga, DuoTianXun, on which BaiDa’s ISWAK was based, is a well-respected master figure in Japan. Unfortunately, she died in 1999 from cerebral haemorrhage and didn’t finish the manga, resulting in the story ending with the female lead, XiangQin’s pregnancy. DuoTianXun’s husband, XiChuanMao, especially came to ISWAK press conference yesterday. On seeing the real “ZhiShu”, Ariel was moved to tears, unable to say a word.

The story of ZhiShu and XiangQin in ISWAK is in fact a true love story of DuoTianXun and XiChuanMao. Joe said that the manga story is so dream-like, its unimaginable that there are actual people like that, and that feeling is so real. Ariel started crying after just a handshake with XiChuanMao and couldn’t talk for quite a while. She finally spoke to XiChuanMao, telling him that his wife is very blessed and hope that she, teacher DuoTianXun will be proud of them (referring to ISWAK cast). Winnie, ever sentimental, was “sobbing” at one side and he said that he’d been hoping to meet XiChuanMao, and to receive an endorsement from the original author will mean differently to him.

XiChuanMao has a suave appearance with the aura of a gentleman. He was very concern with ISWAK production process, constantly asking about filming details, and was grateful to Winnie for adhering to the original story. When he saw Joe, who played his character, ZhiShu, he thanked Joe, saying that Joe’s portrayal (of ZhiShu) was very much like him in his youth, and he was touched. XiChuanMao has a different view of Jiro as AhJin. He said that the original AhJin looks like a monkey. Jiro is more fitting/suitable. Winnie laughingly asked XiChuanMao who’s prettier between teacher DuoTian and Ariel. XiChuanMao smiled awkwardly, replying that Ariel is definitely prettier, as his wife is plumper but he dared not say so for his wife will get angry.

Source: http://asianfanatics.net/

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